Thursday, September 10, 2009

brick by boring brick

she lives in a fairy tale
somewhere too far for us to find

im super excited for the new paramore album,
brand new eyes,
coming out at the end of the month.
im already in love with "ignorance" and "brick by boring brick."
im pretty sad i wont be able to see them live tho.
next time, next time.

ive realized im pretty bad at updating this blog.
maybe its cuz im pretty sure no one reads it?

a lot of new music has been coming out.

carrie underwood released her new single,
"cowboy casanova."
its catchy.
and the first two or three seconds remind me of
shania's "man i feel like a woman."
however, the rest of the song is wildly different from it.
itll do great on country radio.

leona lewis released "happy" as her first single from her new album.
i know theres been a lot of raves about it.
but to me, its alright.
im assuming itll grow on me.
of course, i do love the piano in it.
but aside from that, nothing jumps out to me.

so many great albums have been leaked or released since i last blogged.
-tomorrow by sean kingston
-beggars by thrice
-break up by pete yorn and scarlett johansson
-the blueprint 3 by jay z
-bomb in a birdcage by a fine frenzy
-rebelution by pitbull
-the time of our lives EP by miley cyrus
-everybody by ingrid michaelson
-mi plan by nelly furtado

i guess the only fair way is to go through each of them quickly.

tomorrow by sean kingston
its what you would expect from sean kingston. it very much has a certain dancehall type sound to it. the songs are catchy with a slight bob marley, island influence. some songs are catchier than others. and theres of course my favorite on the album, his first single "fire burning." its just so catchy. maybe its cuz im fire burning on the dancefloor. haha.

beggars by thrice
there is very little that thrice can do wrong in my eyes, and this album is no exception. its a mellow album for the most part, and its in following with the alchemy index. i love "circles." thrice has evolved over the years, and i still love them.

break up by pete yorn and scarlett johanasson
i know that most people arent fans of scarlett's singing voice and her last album was only critically acclaimed, eventho i loved it. however, i think shes really doing something different. she never makes the kind of album youd expect a popular actress to make, which i appreciate. pairing up with pete yorn was a great idea. i love the entire album, the feel to it, the sound, their voices together. its different yet again, and all together, genius.

the blueprint 3 by jay z

this album has a lot of collaborations, from rihanna to pharrell to alicia keys. the album is catchy and the collabs are hot, but its nothing im in love with. thats about it.

bomb in a birdcage by a fine frenzy
love a fine frenzy. lots of piano influence, which for me is always a good thing. if you know her music, you know that this album sounds very much like her. you listen to it and know its a fine frenzy. its another calm but sunny album. im not quite sure how to describe it other than to say im very much enjoying it.

rebelution by pitbull
i think im starting to lose my love for pitbull. i feel like he's become a little too mainstream. also, he's losing his latin flavor, which is how he got famous in the first place. i miss the days of money is still a major issue and MIAMI. all his songs are beginning to sound the same and they play his songs too frequently. he needs to go back to his roots and insert what it was that got him famous with "culo" and "toma." til then, this is an blah cd. no real feeling from it.

the time of our lives ep by miley cyrus
its a good attempt by miley cyrus. her single "party in the usa" is annoying but catchy and hard to resist. i do however like the song "time of our lives." this ep is growing on me more and more and i give miley props for getting away from her usual ishh.

everybody by ingrid michaelson
i love her regardless. she's brilliant on the piano. her past cds are genius and i was looking forward to this album for awhile. she in no way disappointed. another heavily piano-driven album, which im a complete sucker for. the way she writes and composes her music is just so light but yet...idk. it has substance and it relaxes me. amazing album. the end.

mi plan by nelly furtado
im a big fan of nelly's voice. and i like the fact that she speaks spanish wish a real accent, not an english accent. haha. i fell in love with the first single "manos al aire" the first time i heard it. when "bajo otra luz" was leaked featuring julieta venegas and la mala rodriguez, i loveddd it. the addition of the other girls makes the song even better than what it would have been. i adore "suenos" and the vocals that alejandro fernandez adds to it. his voice is amazing. so in love with it. he can do no wrong and helped the song greatly. amazing album. im glad she decided to make it all spanish.

ok. this is alll for now. haha.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


i felt you in my legs
before i ever met you

oh tegan and sara.
im addicted to these ladies.
i could listen to their music all day long.
lately ive been going back and forth btwn
-like o, like h
-i know i know i know
-call it off
yup yup. im excited for their new album. yay.

so paramore announced their new fall tour
and i am so determined to see them.
paramore, esp hayley, is my weakness.
mussttttt see them.
shes so tiny but she performs so well on stage.
i love watching her.
and im esp excited since the venues theyre playing are smaller than ones ive previously seen them at.

since the last time i blogged on this,
i got to see freaking no doubt in concert.
it was such an amazing experience.
having a completely sold out amphitheater of 17,000 people
sing along to every song is such an amazing feeling.
and no oneeeee commands the stage the way gwen does.
ive seen everyone and their mom in concert,
from nsync to aerosmith to kelly clarkson to vicente fernandez,
and no one has given me chills the way gwen has.
freaking experience of a lifetime
and id love to repeat it night after night.


what else to say.
im not sure.
i need a vacation.
and hopefully i get to go to vegas and take it.
other than that,
im in a very happy place.
im excited for school to start.
and i love you.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

catch me.

so i fail completely at updating.
true story.

i usually use this blog for music reviews.
but since i last blogged,
a lot of good, new music has come out.

one being demi lovato's here we go again.
i love the album.
everything is just so easy and relatable.
and her voice is different. it has an edge.
my favorite songs from the album are:
catch me, every time you lie, stop the world.

jordin sparks came out with her new album, battlefield.
her songs are catchy.
her voice is powerful as hell.
the album probably couldve been better.
theres a few tracks i could live with out.

it came out awhile go,
but lately ive been listening to the last by aventura.
i cannot get enough of aventura.
romeo's voice makes me melt.
i wanna dance with him while he sings in my ear.
oh to dream...haha.
i love the album.
im probably biased because of my huge love for aventura.
as well as bachata.
but whatever.
my favorite song is "por un segundo."

im getting blog writing ADD.
so yeah.
im off.


Friday, May 22, 2009


damn work for getting the jonas brothers stuck in my head.
i hate itttt.
these kids arent even attractive.

i fail at blogging.
and twittering.
life has just become too busy for this kind of stuff.

i have nothing much to comment on.
the kings of leon album is pretty damn amazing.
i had the entire album on repeat for quite awhile.

now im back to listening to taylor swift like no other.
country music is the perfectttt summertime music.
taylor and sugarland ftw.

thats all.

showcase tonight.
for those who dont know what it is,
oh well.

Monday, March 30, 2009

my heart is open.

im letting you in.
cuz youve give me a reason,
the faith ive been needing to start again.
youre love is healing.
i can finally breathe again.

new song off keith urban's new album,
defying gravity.
must say im loving it.
well, i basically love all country.
but i esp love this kind of feel-good and smile country.
its putting me in a great mood.
i love the message of the songs.
keith knows how to make music.
and its making me so happy that i dont even wanna get all analytical about it.

its a beautiful day outside.
lets celebrate it!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

its been too hard living...

but im afraid to die,
cuz i dont know whats up there,
beyond the sky.

im really not too sure what ima blog about today.
nothing that i want to write should be read by others,
and ill probably end up doing a private one later.

lets see...
so id really love for gavin degraw to sing me
"change is gonna come"
which is where the above lyrics come from.
he has such an amazing voice
and the way he throws in the trills on that song is amazing.

so, kellys album comes out today.
im really mad that i downloaded it online,
cuz, as much as i freaking LOVE kelly,
i dont have money to be spending on a CD.
but i want to support her.
and be able to say i have her entire collection.
im torn.
i know ill buy it eventully.

ive been listening to some new keri hilson songs.
love love love them. theyre all incredibly catchy.
aside from that,
i have no opinion on whats new.

finals are coming.
ill be done exactly a week from today.
theres so much to do.
im beginning to feel overwhelmed.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

yo tambien tengo un sombrero

a la sonora dinamita song.
its on shuffle.
and i have a million billion la sonora songs.
bc they are that good.

you know who else is also that good?
los angeles azules.

suelta el liston de tu pelo
desvanece el vestido sobre tu cuerpo
acera de mi

new yeah yeah yeahs cd,
its blitz!
oh is it really now?
sarcasm. cant help it.
its weird.
its different.
its perfect for them.
i love hysterics and skeleton off the album.
thats all i really have to say for them.
im not a huge fan of theirs but i do like some songs.

country singer jake owen released a new cd called easy does it.
i like it.
i have a feeling itll really grow on me after a couple of listens.
we'll see.

other than that.
i still have kelly's cd, all i ever wanted,
on repeat on my ipod.
im addicted and i dont care anymore.

home this weekend.
how exciting.
yeah. i lead a pretty boring life,
and therefore, i have nothing interesting to say.
sad, right?
oh well.




mmm...lily allen...